We Help Wellness Entrepreneurs Get More High Ticket Coaching Clients!


We help Life & Wellness Coaches, Holistic Practitioners, And Retreat Owners by helping them attract their ideal prospective clients & converting them into qualified book appointments in their calendar.  


At Dream Life Media LLC, we have a new cutting-edge client acquisition program that connects you with new & ideal clients who are already ‘in-market’ for your coaching services.

Our proprietary system channels your marketing message to the exact, ideal client you’d love to work with and turns them into a booked appointment. 

You will now know down to the DOLLAR & DAY just how well your marketing efforts are performing.

Rather than using a shotgun approach, Wellness professionals can now use a laser-like focus to attract new clients.

We can reach these people anywhere, on any device, on any platform -- and convert them into qualified booked appointments.


Well, you’ve probably been ‘pitched’ by countless ‘marketing experts’…

But what’s the promise?

They’re simply guessing on who your next client ‘might’ be. 

We’re able to identify them and pull them into your marketing funnel.

Because you’ve identified your target audience, you can run campaigns that are more effective & cost efficient than anyone else.

In a world that is becoming increasingly technologically advanced, we are harnessing these advancements to turn the needle for our clients.

This results-orientated approach is the secret to our success at Dream Life Media LLC.

Too many coaches are neglecting to focus on GENERATING APPOINTMENTS and CONDUCTING APPOINTMENTS. 

Yet, without an effective system to do this consistently...the health of your business becomes very questionable.

Do you want a SERIOUS competitive advantage, or simply become extinct due to your inability to adapt to this already changed environment?

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